Food Photography Tricks

Nowadays there is a trend of taking pictures of your food and coffee and then post it on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media. It attracts there followers toward their lifestyle and also give them goals about having good and healthy food. Sorrow is that our food does not look mouth-watering as their do when gets on the table. This is because they use some photography trick to make their food look beautiful and enticing.

So if you also take photos of your food and you don’t get a good response than here are some tricks which can help you in your photography skill when taking pictures of food or your morning coffee. The first thing you need to understand is that food photography is not just taking snaps of what is on your table. Sometimes you need to follow some rules to make your food look enticing because not every time your food is going to look pretty. So here are some tricks which can improve your food photography skills and post a good impression on your followers.

Shoot in Natural Light:
Surely lighting is the main element of photography because it matters a lot. It can ruin your photo and it can make your photo perfect. So in food photography, the color of food really matter because they are natural color so you don’t want to ruin their natural color by using some artificial Iambs or other stuff, because by doing that there is a possibility that your color of food might look artificial. So prefer to take your food photo in natural light so that color of your food does not get confusing like suppose you’re having white rice in white plate, so due to artificial lighting your rice color may blend with plate color and you definitely do not want that So prefer to take food photos in natural light.

When Food is Fresh:
You should also need to understand that fresh food has its own colors whereas old food does not give that colors and looks. In fresh food, smoke is coming out of food and everything is fresh so you never want to lose that freshness when you snap that So try to snap when food is fresh.

Shadow Control:
Shadow is another element in photography. It has also part in food photography. Try to avoid harsh shadows and more directed light. If you’re shooting under some studio or in a hotel take care that light is not very directed and are not very intense. Because sometimes harsh shadows cover your food and ruin it completely so both intensities of light are the direction of light is what matter. If the light is directed much than intensity should be very little and if the light in intense than direction should be to take care of Sometimes harsh shadows make the photo more perfect but sometimes not So direction is important.

Color Composition:
We have talked about the importance of color. In food, photography color does matter. Use contrasting carefully. If you’re taking pictures of a black coffee than the cup should be white or gray colored. And if you’re taking a photo of any other coffee or drink like latte or cappuccino than use any other color.

Use clean utensils like plates, cup or bowl whatever your taking photo of You would never want your food to be presented in dirty things. If you’re snapping your coffee make sure cup is clean or artistically dirty. That would make your coffee “sweet sweet coffee“. So is the case with other food make sure it is clean or artistically dirty?

Right Angle:
Last and important thing is shooting from a right angle. Usually shooting from above is always good if your food is arranged in a good pattern and in a clean and beautiful plate. It also describes all the details of the food and prevents from other busy backgrounds in the room or place where you taking pictures.

So above are some tricks which can help you in your food photography and you can also present your food nicely.

How to be Inspired in Writing a Smoked Meats Recipe

Writing can be a tricky business. It requires talent, time and inspiration. While most writers are experts in one area, a few can write about anything and everything under the sun. So how does a writer get the inspiration in writing smoking recipes? And how do they go about actually writing it? Here are some general tips to help you as you try to write a smoked meats recipe.

Do your research. You can’t write about something you know nothing about. So the first tip is to do your homework. The internet holds a seemingly infinite amount of information. Thus, it is the best place to mine ideas on how to write that recipe. A google search will lead you to thousands of sites where you can find recipes and how-tos. You can get in touch with the writers, bloggers and even chefs. Try to gather recipes as well. From these, you can get the inspiration in writing your very own smoked meats recipe.

Do an in-depth review. What is the focus of the in-depth review? The smoker, of course. A smoking recipe will only be as good as the smoker used to cook it. Gather information on the top meat smokers in the market today. Do a review of these products, check product features, pros and cons. These reviews will help a lot in writing that smoked meats recipes. When you have decided on which smoker to use, then you can create and write the method which best matches the product features and dimensions.

Watch cooking shows. If you want some inspiration, watch other people doing it. Find cooking shows where they have smoked meats recipe. If you find a good one, make some notes. It could be the recipe, smoker used or timing. Write everything you learn. Make these learnings part and parcel of your writing. Not that you have to copy it all into your smoking recipe. Use it as your guide in what to do and what not do, what to include and not to include in the recipe.

Practice. Yes, that’s right. If you want to write a smoked meats recipe, you need to be able to make it yourself. So when you have that recipe draft, gather the ingredients, get your smoker and apron ready and start cooking. Experience is truly the best teacher. So to come up with the best-smoked meats recipe, then practice and practice some more.

Publish. What should you do when you finish writing the smoking recipe? To know if it’s good or not, you have to share it with others. Publish your work. Post it online. Have others try the recipe themselves. Don’t forget to get some feedback from your readers. This is also a source of inspiration for writing the next smoked meats recipe.

Some people have a knack for creative writing such as short stories and novels. Others lean towards academic writing and are experts in preparing theses and dissertations. Some do article writing, blogging or SEO writing. A few write smoking recipes, but all of these require a little inspiration. To have it, do your research, do your in-depth review, watch cooking shows, practice and publish.

Must-Try Digital Marketing Strategies for Photographers

The only way to make sure that people know you as a photographer is to throw yourself in the market just to compete for with fellow photographers. There are many ways in which you can achieve this objective. Here are some of the best strategies ideal for a photographer:

Social media marketing
This is a digital era and with the advent of smartphones, almost everyone has an online presence. You can just start small by just posting pictures in your timeline. of course, at least someone might be interested in the kid of photographs, it is at that point that you now start the sales process. In addition, you can also make a page for you with a collection of some of the to photograph that you have taken. It comes in handy to enhance a way in which you can increase your target market. It is a social networking but when used well it can also act as a way in which you improve your presence. You can opt for the free option of any of the social media platform or use the paid version to boost your area of jurisdiction.

Marketing automation toolkit
There is much marketing automation application that came in handy to aid a photographer in marketing the service. The main advantage of this is that at the end of any marketing campaign you will have a chance to get all the analysis of the results of the campaign. This is time to make the right decision on whether to change the mail campaign or to enhance the remaining part of the campaign. At the same time, it comes with an option of using the Email – the main mode of communication.

Internet marketing
If you also want a global presence then you can have a referral system on the internet that entices people to watch your works to make sure that you can have a global presence.

Adobe marketing cloud commercials
Just like you can have a commercial with the old methods of advertisement, it has now gone a notch higher to the cloud computing marketing strategies. It is the best due to the fact that you can customize the campaign to suit a different audience.

Email marketing
You can as well use the Email to your advantage, it is the best form of marketing because of course everyone has an Email. This method come in handy to accommodate the corporate clients who have a better understanding of the power of Email marketing.

The digital marketing technologies come with the option of multimedia content. As a photographer, you can’t just afford a theoretical approach to marketing. It is better when people can have a real-time check of the quality of your work. You may even have a picture/ images with noise but the fact that you can use various digital tools to improve the quality of the image then it gives you an upper hand in getting a niche in the market.

You just have to check on your budget and make a priority on the best option for you to make sure that your work reaches the target market and make sales out of it.