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    Why does my pro-blackness scare you? 
    Why does it make you feel as if I’m not including you in my celebration of myself? 
    I’m not.
    Why does this “exclusion” hurt you so badly? 
    I exist in a place of exclusion daily. But its different than your exclusion.

    Your exclusion is different because, you are afraid that I will, and am continuing to grow powerful in my blackness. 
    I have always known that my skin doesn’t make me inferior, but just now have been able to break-free of the conditioning that has taken place.
    From you, and from so many others. 
    And you see this, and you fear it. 
    But why?

    Is it because of the history we have? 
    This rich history of the power you continue to hold, and keep me down with?
    Are you afraid that as I, and others continue to learn our power, we will hold you down with that?
    You have your racism, and we have our blackness. 
    Those are different.

    My blackness has kept me in the back of a bus.
    My blackness has made me a target while going to school.
    My blackness has kept me from lunch counters.
    My blackness has left me subject to random beatings.
    My blackness has taken away my rights that you have, and demand from police officers. 
    My blackness has left me in constant fear.
    My blackness has kept my beauty at a standard that isn’t good enough.
    My blackness has intimidated people, so much so they make up narratives about how it should be feared and stopped.

    That is why my exclusion is different.

    But I love my blackness. Even if you don’t.
    I do not need you to love it.
    I do need though, to rise, and to continue to do so.
    I am not here to comfort you anymore.
    No longer will I guide you, and console your fears surrounding my blackness.
    I will celebrate the history that courses through me.
    The backs and shoulders I stand upon, I will celebrate.
    I dance in this blackness, because I’ve been freed of shrinking within it.

    My blackness is strong.
    My blackness is resilient.
    My blackness is tender.
    My blackness is brilliance. 
    My blackness walks on the sun.
    My blackness is greatness.
    My blackness is beauty.
    My blackness is vulnerable.
    My blackness is constantly evolving.
    My blackness is connected to this earth, with roots.
    My blackness glides across the water. 
    My blackness is glory.
    My blackness stands up, high above heavens.
    My blackness is good.

    This is what I mean by being pro-black. It isn’t about you.

    Its all about me.