This past weekend I photographed a fashion event.
I tend to shy away from these things mainly because I feel as if my style
doesn’t embody fashion as well as another’s style might.

JILLIAN, the producer of this event (and just amazing, extraordinary, brilliant human)
asked me to come shoot, but as I see fit.
When someone asks you to do your art, as you love doing it,
that is such a high compliment.

As you will see in the photos below, this fashion show is focused on wedding gowns.
Elegant ones at that.
The show featured dresses by 8 designers, which included Elizabeth Dye, the owner of
THE ENGLISH DEPT. A local boutique here in Portland.

There were so many beautiful people contributing their talents to help make the show go perfectly:
Jillian Rabe’s team!
Flaunt Artistry.
(The makeup crew; Read Kendra’s blog post on the event: CITIZENS OF BEAUTY)
(The hair ladies; Gold + Arrow is a local hair salon in SW Portland)
(One of my closest friends & I’m pretty sure she’s Portland’s best commercial photographer)

As much as I want to add more to this post, I really just want the focus to be the photos…


& these are the perfect photos to end with.
Jillian + Megan.