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There was a time in the world when photographs were a figment of the imagination. However, it's now a reality and a common one at that. Everyone with a smartphone can take pictures wherever and whenever they desire, despite what some people think, highlighting professionals' vitality in the industry. That's because there's more to it.

There are techniques, skills, and equipment the regular individual doesn't have to bring out the best possible pictures. That's also why Margaret Jacobsen organizes workshops for both buddings and established photographers. Undoubtedly, this career is essential because images are memories. They serve as a timeline for important events in our lives and posterity's sake.

About The Founder

Besides his photography career, Margaret Jacobson is also an excellent educator. He has a passion for divulging knowledge and envisions an industry of well-trained photographers. Having been under the tutelage of others, John understands the importance of teaching and its role. Thus, it's one of his inspirations for the establishment of the workshop he convenes.

This website is a platform for sharing information about upcoming workshops, including dates and registration procedures. Besides that, you'll get to see a portfolio of the gallery of Margaret Jacobson’s works here. That's both to inspire you and to provide you with proof that there are amazing pictures. We also have a blog feature for posting informative articles.

Blog and Articles

This website has a blog feature where you'll get frequent posts to help and guide you in the industry. We create and curate content useful in various areas, whether as a beginner or as an experienced photographer. We discuss several issues and topics that affect people in our profession. Thus, this feature ensures that you have access to helpful information at your fingertips.