About Us

The story Behind

About Margaret Jacobson

Photography Experience: The founder of this photography workshop has over a decade worth of photography career under his belt. He also has adequate experience in various areas, including portraits, events, food, and product photography. That includes work done in multiple countries worldwide. Clients know him for the quality works he delivers and his stellar creativity.

Other Contributors: Only one individual can't successfully pull off a venture of this magnitude without any help. Having various contributors provides a variety of knowledge, experience, and teaching styles. That's why there are several other people involved in this project. They include some prominent people in the world of photography and some art and creative educators.

Mission And Vision

Mission: This platform aims to help the education and improvement of photographers in various areas. We do that by organizing short but intensive courses and seminars that boost learning through practice. Such a project is not a one-person job if it's to be effective. Thus, we have a committed team of contributors headed by none other than Margaret Jacobson.

Vision: We envision that this platform will produce high caliber photographers in various societies and different craft areas. We provide an avenue for people to hone their skills, not just to make a living, but to keep getting better while doing it. We desire to enhance photography learning and ensure that those with interests are getting the best training possible.