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You may want to reach out to us regarding our workshops or to make inquiries. We implore you to feel free to use our email address as provided or fill out the contact form. You can also get through to us with any questions you have on any available social media platforms. We ensure that our representatives provide prompt responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

The materials to bring depends on the focus of the workshop you’re attending. However, we usually recommend that you come along with whatever materials you have. That’s because you may think of it as irrelevant at that time and later realize you’ll need it. Also, ensure to keep track of your equipment and materials, especially if you’re traveling a long way.

Most people ask this question with the concern that we may withhold certain information from one session to make you attend another. We can assure you that’s not the case. Each workshop has a theme that provides a learning scope. We endeavor to teach everything within that scope as much as we can. However, only one can’t fetch you all the knowledge you need.

There’s much to gain from all our workshops and seminars, depending on the theme. Your knowledge of the career and level of experience will guide you to the ones you’ll fit into best at any particular time. Our educators take their time to teach and mentor based on their experiences, so they aren’t free. Nevertheless, we may organize some free classes and seminars occasionally.