The workshops involve classes and seminars at specific times in a year. The purpose is to raise and enhance the next generation of photographers. We tailor these learning opportunities to meet people's needs, whether novices or those with some experience. They consist of various topics and teachings in the different photography areas we'll discuss subsequently.

1.   Finding Your Inspiration

For some people, it’s a person; for some, it’s an idea, while for others, it’s a memory. The muse and source of inspiration differ for each individual. Therefore, it’s essential to find yours as a photographer. Contrary to what some think, it would be best to be inspired to create fantastic and outstanding works. That’s because it helps one embrace their uniqueness and explore creativity.

2.   Finding Your Niche

After that, the next thing is finding your niche. There are several types of photography, and it’s essential to find which one you’re most interested in while starting. Most times, you can see it in what inspires you, and at other times, it might be different. Some areas include landscape, fashion, street, portrait, and others based on weddings and sports events.

3.   Cameras and Equipment

As it is with any other industry, you must know the tools of your trade. Hence, it’s essential to know about the various cameras and photography accessories. Besides learning each one’s functions, we’ll also teach how to take proper care of these items. Some include the lenses, stand, reflectors, and other lighting equipment.

4.   Touch Ups and Editing

Besides using excellent props or arrangements and backgrounds, other things affect your work’s quality. At the end of the spectrum is the editing process. It’s what puts the finishing touches on the beautiful pictures you captured. Hence, it’s also a determinant of topnotch images. We teach the nitty-gritty of this process and the various software to use.

5.   Branding

As a photographer, one essential thing that puts you out there is your branding. It also comes with finding your niche, but besides that, it’s a way to allow clients to connect with you. It involves your personal story and why you do what you do. Then, the type of memories you create or the emotions you incite with your works play a considerable role. Branding is vital because it makes one stand out in the sea of photographers.

6.   Photography Contests

One of the numerous perks of attending any of our workshops is the opportunity to participate in a contest. It’s not only for the fun of it because there’s always a reward for the winner. It helps our students prepare for other competitions. We also give information and updates on other popular contests you can apply for or join.