The 6 Best Photo Apps for Your Smartphone

There are many photo apps to choose from on your smartphone, and it can be hard to decide which ones you should download. However, there are five of the best photo apps that will give you great quality photos and editing options: Photoshop Express, Instagram, Camera+, Snapseed, Afterlight, ProCamera. Each one is different in its own way so read below for more details about each app.

1) Photoshop Express: This app has a variety of editing tools such as cropping or rotating your image or adjusting brightness levels or color saturation. You can also add text captions onto your images with Adobe fonts.  

2) Instagram: This app is an easy way to share pictures with friends by adding filters in a really simple interface. It has over 500 million active users and the best part? You can do it all on your own time!

3) Camera+: This is hands-down the best camera app I have ever used. It has so many great features like exposure control, stabilization mode, grid overlay for perfect alignment in composition and leveler tool to get everything straight. With these tools it’s possible to take some really stunning shots without any post processing work whatsoever (except maybe cropping).

4) Snapseed: This app has been around for awhile but the recent update adds some great features like Analog Filter, Black & White, Vintage filters etc.

5) Afterlight: The best thing about this app besides its beautiful filters is the ability to retouch photos with precision.

6) ProCamera: With all these new camera phones on the market it’s important not only to take good quality pictures but also edit them accordingly and ProCamera does just that!

Which of the best photo apps would you like to try? Let us know below and we’ll share our favorite!

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